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New Offering Announcement - Corporate Energy Management Application 2012

New Offering Announcement - Corporate Energy Management Application 2012

Wonderware Corporate Energy Management Application 2012

Invensys Operations Management has released its Wonderware Corporate Energy Management Application 2012. The updated solution has important new features and is compatible with the company’s ArchestrA System Platform 2012 software, as well as with recent Microsoft database and operating system updates.

The application helps collect and contextualize energy data, enabling users to understand in granular detail their energy consumption history, as well as patterns in direct relation to production and manufacturing events. While many manufacturing and industrial operations view energy consumption monthly, making it difficult to understand exactly how much energy was consumed and where, the updated Corporate Energy Management Application presents that information immediately, which, for large operations, can mean millions of dollars of savings annually. And because the application is built on Invensys Operations Management’s ArchestrA System Platform, it can also leverage ArchestrA Workflow 2012 software, enabling timely workflow actions that resolve or prevent costly energy overruns.


Product overview:

  • Records consumption and demand at main and sub-meters for a wide range of energy types, including power, water, chill, gas, air and steam;
  • Ability to scale to 30,000 energy meters, with appropriate reporting performance;
  • Object-based for faster deployment and time-to-value;
  • Offline metering mode allows data import from RTUs, building management systems and manual input;
  • Meter name alias for quick meter recognition;
  • Supports both Summary Meters and Delta Meters to calculate unmetered energy use;
  • Retrieves and updates meter readings from the field;
  • Enables greater energy cost allocation using additional report filters.

Key capabilities:

Collects real-time energy data from a wide array of energy meters;
Stores energy usage data for years using Wonderware Historian;
Auto-interpolation of offline data (when meters going off line) to accurately report on energy consumption;
Transforms raw energy data into actionable information;
Granular, contextual reports to view analytical energy consumption details;
Collects data from one plant or campus or from geographically dispersed plants and campuses;
Quickly maintains and configures new meters.

Where can I see more?

For more information on the Wonderware Corporate Energy Application, please visit

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