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News Release - Wonderware Intelligence Software 2012

News Release - Wonderware Intelligence Software 2012

Wonderware Intelligence Software 2012 - Updated EMI software offers improved analytics and dashboard visualization

Wonderware Intelligence software from Invensys aligns operations decision making to business goals.

Invensys Operations Management has released a new version of its Wonderware Intelligence software. Built on top of its ArchestrA System Platform 2012 and embedded into Tableau 7.0, the updated EMI software extends analytic capabilities by new map views, new chart types and the ability to better change between visualization types on the fly. All of the new visualization features are also accessible on mobile devices through mobile browser applications, including Safari for use on iPhones and iPads and a new touch-optimized iPad app.


Product overview:

Industrial plant or infrastructure operations performance results and key metrics information is typically located in multiple, disparate data sources like historians, batch systems, control systems, quality systems, ERP production data, MES and even homegrown applications. Wonderware Intelligence 2012 software provides the ability to connect, collect, aggregate and contextualize metrics in near real-time across multiple sources into a single and open information source. Users can then easily access this high-value information themselves. Intelligence provides ease of use tools for self-service analytics, reports and dashboards, helping to improve daily decision making and empowering the continuous improvement process.
Plant or production line/unit performance can be compared with unified operational key performance indicators (KPIs) within business units to leverage best practices of highest-performing plants and to identify unused potential in production capacity, or to improve operational decision making.


Key capabilities:

  • User-friendly analysis and dashboard tools provide self-service viewing of the Wonderware Intelligence Dashboard via a web browser anywhere and anytime, including mobile devices;
  • Configurable services for metrics and KPI data collection, aggregation and contextualization;
  • Connectivity to many Wonderware and other data sources, including Wonderware Historian and OSI PI Historian, transactional data-sources (databases), file based data and more;
  • Out-of-the-box data models and dashboards provide instant results for Wonderware MES Software, Wonderware InBatch, ArchestrA System Platform and SimSci-Esscor ROMeo 6.0 software solutions;
  • Integration to ArchestrA System Platform provides a standardized configuration environment, real-time data connectivity and pre-processing.

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