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Packaging Operations Efficiency

Packaging Operations Efficiency

Project implementation timeframe – 2013-2014.
Number of packaging lines – 47.
Customer benefit - packaging operations efficiency increase for more than 5%.
Project payback time – less than 1 year.
System propagation using Wonderware MES 4.0 Perfomance on other customer's plants is on plan.

The project was being implemented during 2 years in several stages and at the moment is actively developing. At the current stage automatic line downtime and machine counters data acquisition from 47 packaging lines has been realized. Data acquisition and processing is implemented using Wonderware System Platfrom 2014. All necessary user interface forms and significant number of reports for data analysis are implemented as well. Manufacturing orders management using Wonderware MES 4.0 Perfomance and project propagation on other customer plants are planned in scope of further system development.

During project realization information about machine statuses has been transferred to the system in the following way:
Using special collecting PLCs data blocks were filled in with the information from machines and transferred to the upper level system via an I/O server. Further on collected information was processed by the system system and finally recorded into a database.

As a part of the project a significant number of operative information display forms has been implemented. Among those:

  • "Operator window" - main interface for packaging operations personnel. Using this interface a manual data input is implemented. 22 sensor panels for data input are installed in scope of the project.
  • Report "Normalized histogram of lines downtime". It allows to follow operational time distribution and shows dynamics of that distrubution changes.
  • Report "Downtime duration graph for a period". It allows to estimate downtime duration of one or several lines for a chosen period.
  • Interface "Scalable Gantt chart" for detailed analysis of lines downtime.

Solutions based on WW MES 4.0 posess high potential and such advantages as simplicity of development, flexibility and scalability. And solutions of our company based on this package allow to meet any customer requirements with regard to equipment performance analysis and creating necessary production reporting.

Project payback calculations have proved that with existing production volumes efficiency increase of only one line by 1% brings tangible economy effect. Solution architecture allows to quickly implement necessary changes in the project in case of new customer's requirements almost without additional coding using a function library which was created based on our experience in packaging industry.

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