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Wonderware Conference 2011

Wonderware Conference 2011

VENT took part in a Wonderware Conference 2011, organized by Klinkmann in Moscow 10.11.2011.

In scope of the conference latest innovations from Wonderware were presented to participants. System Integrators made presentations about applications of Wonderware software in their projects.

VENT introduced Wonderware Industrial Application for Packaging and its capabilities for application in packaging industry taking into account previously implemented projects based on Wonderware System Platform.

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Packaging is the last manufacturing step that adds value to the consumer product. Packaging is demand driven. Packaging is what the customer sees and how brand is recognized. And because consumer needs vary, packaging is a prime candidate for supply chain optimization and scheduling.

Line-of-business management will often have objectives that include the reduction of:

  •     Delivery time
  •     Start-up time
  •     Changeover time
  •     Product loss
  •     Overhaul and repair time
  •     Downtime

More recently, management expectations objectives have included an increase in:

  •     Packaging flexibility
  •     Throughput
  •     Mean Time Between Failures/MTBF

Significant value can be found and defined inside companies that are seeking improvement and consider the above objectives as critical success factors.

Several surveys by Packaging World Magazine have demonstrated that a typical manufacturing company will have packaging lines with the following characteristics:

  •     50% of all packaging lines do not have a common network between equipment
  •     50% of all packaging lines have between two to four control system vendors
  •     50% of all packaging lines have between two to seven pieces of equipment or machines
  •     50% of all packaging lines do not have a common standard to exchange data
  •     Machine vendors/OEMs typically do not account for a supervisory system; only production data is typically used

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The Wonderware Industry Application for Packaging software delivers a standard and normalized data layer for all packaging line types. The benefits derived from the Industry Application for Packaging address the main requirements expressed by both manufacturing companies and machine vendors/OEMs:

  • All machine builders and control suppliers adopt a standard way of referring to and communicating packaging line data.
  • Software to automatically convert production events (and equipment data) into actionable information.
  • Making equipment or machine data available to supervisory systems and historian.
  • Reducing the amount of data collected manually.

Platforms must deliver basic services (security, diagnostics, messaging, alarming, connectivity, etc.) and enable incremental growth. This way, long-term strategic objectives are addressed, usually funded by corporate or plant budgets, and fulfilling short term needs that deliver value to personnel.

The Wonderware Industry Application for Packaging delivers a standard delivery process based on realizing value for all staff members involved in packaging operations.

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