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Wonderware Well Field Application

Wonderware Well Field Application

New solution manages well field operations and assets from a single point.

Invensys Operations Management has released its Wonderware Well Field Application, which manages well-field operations in the areas of SCADA, reporting, configuration and system health. The Well Field Application allows users to see, at a glance, how the entire field is producing, as well as drill down for intimate knowledge about any individual well.

Product overview:

Leveraging the power and scalability of the company’s ArchestrA System Platform, the Well Field Application provides a single user interface to execute a wide variety of operational and analytical tasks. Operators can review the performance of all assets under their control, identify which are underperforming and quickly zero in on the cause. Managers can use real-time information for operational analysis and performance monitoring, and the application supports changing production and delivery demands.

Key capabilities:

  • Easily add and edit new well configurations;
  • Scalable: Manage one well or multiple fields with thousands of wells spread across different locations;
  • Granular views: Look at an entire well field or drill down into an area or single well;
  • Connects and configures a wide range of RTUs;
  • Quickly maintain and configure assets;
  • No programmers needed.

Where can I see more?
For more information about the Wonderware Well Field Application, as well as other offerings for the upstream oil and gas industry, please visit Wonderware site.

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